The anchor goes up at 0600

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 11 Sep 2014 21:19
This glorious morning, 26 degrees, the sun just came up and no wind.
Our windlass cut a hole in the air with its rattle rattle, 50 meter of 10mm chain worked its way down the
bow room. All salty but clean.
A fish decided to escape its hunter and started to fly along the water edge,  above the water, a useful tactic if there
is no boat in the way... DONK! Right on the hull and then it just disappeared.
Got out through the reef that protects the big Savusavu bay and there they were, waiting for us; the good old waves!
Just as everybody got their yougurth bowls and coffe the boat started to jump up and down!
Is there a circus that needs artists that can juggle and eat at the same time? Well here is the FAMILY EHDE RISTOFF!
Wind 2 meters per second, (4 knots) is not enought to drive Salsa though this waves, so we motorsail.
There is some exciting news about strong solar activity coming up, hope the GPS satellites survive. Here are so many reefs
we do not want to navigate by random...
We have put new line on the fishing rod and we bought it in Savusavu (the line). The line came in 50 meter coils just wrapped and taped, each coil ending with the line to the next coil. Fine, so you decide you buy 4 coils and they cut it off the rest.
As  you undo the coil and try to reeel up the line you wonder if the workers who arranged this eat nudles for lunch.
The mess in the cockpit was almost hopeless, but do you think Ellinor gives up?
You know the answer....