Time to move on

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 6 Aug 2013 06:50
City life for one week is about what we can take. Now we have been very busy getting most needed spare parts and food.
Can anybody check out what it is with Philippe Starks yacht named "A"
A neighbourg told us he designed this super yacht and there is some fundamental problem with it.
Well it was out a short trip and when it came back the hydraulic gangway did not work. They where in all 4-5 people busy tring to get it ashore. That was hilarious, because some people HAD to get off, and could not.(We do not think the gangway is the big issue about the design)
That was gossip from our view across the harbour.
Tomorrow we will take the big leap across to Morea, it is about 17-18 nM BUT that crossing is known for vicious waves, apparently the current and the wind has some saying in the narrow strait.
We look forward to be able to swim again and have some space around us.
At the end of the week the wind is picking up quite a bit so we will stay and wait for it to cool down.
Papete is far from a prettry town, I will come back to that later when there is time to write.
But we have met wonderful people and despite what people say, you can not get everything here. It is still an island far away from everywhere. But you will be surprised on how MUCH you can get. We have been told it was a remote place until the French started their atomic bomb program in the Tuamutos (1964). At that time the French navy moved over here, brought "civilisation" with cars, and a different standard of living. Since then Papete has grown to be an uggly little city that is the capital for the entire French Polinesia.
You have traffic jams and the whole lot that comes with a city, wich is amazing considering it is not bigger than Västerås or any small city with 140.000 inhabitans.
The Pacific is in our minds a big blue ocean scattered with small atholls. And part of it is true, but remember, The Marshall islands as well as the Tuamutos are testing grounds for atomic bombs. US still shoots missiles from California aiming at some atholl in the Marshall for practice. The US has big piles of chemicals made for warfare stored on the Marshall islands. So the remoteness is a drawback for the people who live here.
Well that was the sad part, the good part is that there are still places that are not destroyed by colonisation. And we look forward to go there. You can tell French Polinesia is affected by the... French. Some of it is good for us, of course... baguettes... some of it we think we could be without.