Erika is sick...

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 29 Nov 2014 05:44
Yesterday we were all in all 4 yachts here at Costeau, and as Steve on Lady Carolina called out on the radio that all Cool yachties 
were welcome on board on their boat for a friday night drink and some odeaurs we all gathered in their
cockpit. All but Erika and Andreas that stayed on board for 1. Erika was not to well 2. They could watch a movie without us. 
So Ellinor made them 2 big bowls of Pop-Corn and we took off.
Had a great evening and had decided to go to Namnea the day after (today morning)
But as we woke this morning Erika was so bad we could not go sailing offshore with her.
The others took off without us and felt  sorry we could not go...
But we have that ahead of us and it is supposed to be one of the worlds finest diving spots.

I actually took a picture of Namnea from the plane flying to Suva

Only for those that have a strong stomach
Let me start telling you that we do maintenance work but when it is repetition from before I do not bother writing about it...

Yesterday before the other boats showed up we had to start working on our aft tank for what the english call black water. 
We have been docked so long and used the toilet and filled up the tank until it actually overflowed on the hull side...
Yes sorry about that, but as another yachtie said, it is part of our life to deal with such things.
Leaving the bay and going off we tried to empty the tank at sea but it simply would not do it.
That is when you start to wonder what kind of explosives you could get in there....

Action nr 1: Start pumping in a lot of water through the toilet to make the water remove the "stuff"
Result: none

Action nr 2: Take your steel band made for cleaning tubes, dive under the boat, open all valves and start pushing the band up and down...
Result: very very small

Action nr 3: check the air valve that it is open, yes

Action n4 : Pump in water with force through the air vent in case it is blocked
Result: very successful

The noise and the bangs from the stainless steel tank were very satisfying... to be in the water was less fun

I will leave the 7th December from Savusavu, hopefully I can leave the family on a hurricane mooring.
Will come back the 13th of December