60 miles to go 15.01S 178.54W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 6 Nov 2014 09:13
Good Evening this moonlight night!
Wow it is like daylight and the heat is on!
Salsa is pushing through the waves like a forceful plow driven by this wonderful wind!
The only small problem is that it is coming from the wrong direction...
It's coming from where we want to go... almost.
(gna gna gna this sailors are never happy, either it is too much wind, or not enough. And when it is good it comes from the wrong direction.....gna gna gna)
The sailing so far has been  different from previous experiences, in Fiji you cannot rely on your charts so sailing is all
about waypoints. So if you go from Savusavu to Fotuna and want to save lot´s of miles you can make a shortcut with the help of
waypoints. This means you follow them like a narrow road and you stay on it. Around you there is a corridor of reefs and more reefs.
My vision of being in protected water is that you will sail with less waves, not in this case, the reefs are mostly under water and they seem to confuse the seas and that creates nasty steep waves that are bothering your rythm. On top of that we had to go through a narrow passage at one in the morning and there the water was litterally boiling from currents, wind and wavetrains. It all looked spooky with the moonlight and
this massive black water swirling around....
But at about 3 in the afternoon we came out in the real ocean, we left the Fiji territory and are now more relaxed with the navigation.
Tomorrow we will be in France if everything goes well...
The kids use the Ipads and that keeps them satisfied, but Erika is also reading and reading and reading.
The other thing that she has gotten into is Loom bands, she actually got Andreas to do it as well.
If you Google "Loom Bands"  you will see what it is. They buy them here in Fiji for 80 cents a pack with a couple of hundreds and then they
create all sorts of things with the help of plastic devices or just their fingers.
Loom band, every generation seem to have their thing, when I was a kid everybody collected ice hockey players on small cards or jo-jo was the big thing, yo-yo maybe? You had to have one that could spinn....
Well hope you are having a fine day and that you do question the word "duty".