Sharks and a new profession

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 6 Jul 2013 06:32
So we moved to the western side of the atholl and found a spot where we feel away from everything. I put the kayak together, something I haven't done since San Blas I think.Today I could mount it in 34 minutes wich is much better than last time when it took me 4 hours.
How could I improve so much? Well last time I thought I had mounted it before and did not need an instruction. This time I decided to follow the instruction. If you are curious on how a mounting looks for these kayaks, search for Feathercraft on Youtube...
Its a great kayak and it goes into a backback when apart.
Anyway, I know I wrote this in San Blas, but today was a kayak tour of my life. What a joy! It was high tide so all the fish where crazy to go into all the pools that where now filled with water. I paddled on top of coral with a depth of 2 dm! No problem, no scratching, nothing. And then in the middle of this fish haven, a small black tip shark comes swimming gently past me. What a beauty!
The kids have been swimming all day and now we make a huge fruitsalad for dinner. The reason is that we have to use our fruit before it gets spoiled.
AND tonight Ellinor cut my hair and then she asked ME to cut hers! I cannot believe this woman, she is so brave! I have never done it before, but she helped me out by holding the hair between her fingers and soon enought I got the hang of it. The thing I got best at doing was to make this fast clipping with the scissors between each haircut. You know the movement hairdressers do, they cut, and then they take new hair with the left and and at the same time they prepare their next attack with the right hand by cutting the air (yes air, not hair), real fast. That air cutting I found was the hardest part to learn, when I got that right it sounded like a real hair dresser. Its unfair though, I have to cut far more hair on Ellinor than she has to do on me....
So if Im anything now, I'm an airdresser.