Blowing in the wind

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 20 Jul 2013 05:08
Now the gale force winds are here. The boat is very well protected behind a Motu, but even with that the winds grab the mast and shakes us. Rain clouds come in and some give us a sprinkle now and then. But nothing heavy so far. But there is worse to come ackording to the forecast. We are five boats here now.
Well I get a lot of writing done on the book and Ellinor is having her painting stuff out. The kids are good at playing and the atmosphere on board is very relaxed and harmonic.
We are starting to eat quite a lot of canned food now. Canned spinnach, works fine when you heat it up. Canned pineapple nam nam.
Canned mushrooms from Panma, canned artichoke from Sweden, canned olives from Canary islands, canned tuna we bought in Panama, Bonair etc. It is funny, the further down we get in the bildges the more surprised we get. OH! Look here is the good Zeta artichoke from home! Wow we did have more pasta here!
 -I guess we are running out of salt, Ellinor said this morning. We checked our supply list in the computer- search-salt- answer- salt in the cabinet above Andreas bunk-
Wow 4 kilo! There we have it! We make our own muessli from stuff we bought at home, Saltå Kvarn, linfrön etc.
- This is the last cheese, Ellinor said the other day, computer- check list- search- cheese- answer- chese under the bildge in the fore peak under all the big tools- yes! We have vacumpacked cheese, we packed ourselfe and now it tastes like an expensive aged cheese (we learned this from Gustav on S/Y Kaminante, they do this (he was working in the labs of Astra Zeneca so we trusted him) and we heard they have some explosions sometimes. But we have been far)
Fresh food, all that is left are some lemons and potatoes. We used the last onion today in an excellent omelett made with raw fried potatoes.
Wow! now the wind is so hard foam is building up the water and with that the rain got going strong!
Erika came up flying to the cockpit- Yes it is raining!!!!!
She collects fresh water for the laundry and she has really got into it. She goes over the bimini and empties the water into buckets.
Every liter is a victory!
Before I send this away tonight I have to add about the food issue. I took the kayak into the village this afternoon, wich was quite an adventure in itself. Behind the Muto the wind felt strong but managable, but once I came out from the shelter, still protected by the reefs, but the wind must have been around 30 knots gusting above, I had full time to keep balance, going with the wind and the waves is actually the worse.
Anyway I go to Fernando the baker to buy some fresh baguettes. He is cleaning fish outside his house and he gives me a couple of fishes he just cleaned. Then he gives me a long lesson about how to get mussle meat out of mussels, ending up walking into the house and coming out with mussle meat that he gives me  saying -good to look so you know what you should save, lot's of them where you have your boat, lots of food, GRATIS! - he said with a big smile.
The fishes we got have a long nose and he called them Charles Du Gaulle, with a laughter.
Well then I went to the village store and there it is not GRATIS, I bought one small cabbage and three onions, 4,5 Euro...
I wanted to buy eggs but she wanted to give them to me in a thin plastic bag and I thought that before they come out of the kayak we have an omelett....
Paddling back was no big deal, just working against the waves, but balance feels much better.