A baby that starts smoking in mamas tummy 03.15S101.58W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 22 May 2013 19:54
Today sum of miles the last 24 hours was not as good as previous, 166nM, but it is still good when the wind has been around 10 knots.
Thank god we are not sailing dead downwind. Today we have sailed the gennacker and that gave a very good speed, but as we are approaching a less steady atmosphere we took it down an hour ago.
The waves are about 3 meter but they are looooong, so the rolling is gentle.
The current is going South West with a speed of 1,7 knots ackordning to our instruments, this means that if we sail 270 degrees we will end up about the waypoint 3S 101W.
Ackording to the weatherguru Bob McDavitt in NZ, that is the most favorable way to go, wind and current wise. So far he has been very right., these four days at sea we have averaged 169nM, wich is  average speed of 7 knots. Considering that we are very conservative with powering up sails, as we favour comfort and sleep, it is very good.
Yesterday we had no fishing line out as we had to much fish the previous day and we also needed to empty some left overs.
We are very inspired by MIss My 5 day celebration routine so the kids are of course talking about what to do tomorrow, we will see what plans that come up. For those that do not know, MIss My celebrates every 5 days on board with cleaning themselves up and then have an extra good dinner or some other extra vagansa.
Last night, I had just taken over the watch from Ellinor, it was dark of course... Splash! just a meter from where I was sitting a quite big
octopus(or do you call them squid?) landed on the seat. It had BIG eyes and a lot of arms ( I wished I had that many when sailing), it started to crawl and tried to get back somehow, I called Ellinor up and as the scientist she is in her soul she started to study the poor thing until she threw it back in the water again. They have some kind of escape reflex where they can pump water like a small jet to get away from predators. It sounds quite funny when they try this above the water.
Being inspired by other boats:  we had sharades with the family on Sirius, actually on my birthday in Las Perlas. This is something our kids loved and wanted to play again. One evening in Galapagos we had dinner and then the kids decided we had to do it.
When Andreas turn came he laid down in a sofa, made himself to a ball and started to cough.
We guessed just about everything and at the end he had to tell us: - It is a baby in mamas tummy, his mother accidentally swallowed a cigarett so he started smoking and now he is dying...-
It makes you wonder what's happening in some kids heads.