Lobster pizza, how real is that?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 10 Jan 2013 11:29
Sailing up to Bequia from Marieu was not a laid back affair. We had to beat against the waves and wind for 6 hours before getting into harbour and anchor up next to Kaminante (A swedish yacht with a very nice family we have got to know from La Coruna).
That night the kids got together on board Kaminante and they got pankakes while we could be just adults sitting in the cockpit eating a great salad on our boat.
Next day we took a long hike up one of the mountains and ended up meeting Kenneth, a very nice guy that lived up the hill with a fabulous view. He invited us to his house so we could enjoy it. He was a great character, according to him his ancestors where vikings that ended up in England and France and then came to the Grenadines with the slave trade. He had been at sea on commercial ships until retired and lived now on Bequia raising Kings Pigeons for one thing. King Pigeons are something you eat (he put some in a stew every thursday).
The wind keeps blowing hard from 20-30 knots and today we have to beat our way up to St Vincent- Blue Lagoon.
Lisa and Gustaf are getting off and will fly tonight to Bahamas and then on back to work in Sweden.
As a "thankyoudinner" they took us all out last night to Macs Pizza, a great pizzeria that makes 15 inch pizzas and one of their speciality is Lobster Pizza. Well I'm always concerned when it comes to putting extravaganza on a pizza, but it was a huge success. Somehow they managed to make it on the pizza with the best taste and tenderness possible. Afterwards we took a drink and desert at FrangiPangi, Andreas managed to wash himself with chockolade and icecream from top til toe.
Now it is early morning, the sun is coming up above the mountains, I'm sitting in the cockpit, Andreas is drawing (he is getting very good at it), Ellinor is peeling potatoes (preparing lunch since the hard sailing is not going to make anybody a big chef out there). Lisa, Gustaf and Erika are sleeping. When I'm done writing Ellinor and I will probably jump in the clear bluegreen water and take a morning swim (we always do that).
Then it's breakfast and making Ship Shape.
Oh yes, several have asked for more pictures on the blog, sorry we cannot get a descent wifi from anchor, but the day after tomorrow I will connect to a wifi and upload tons of pictures (I hope).
Have a great day and remember, even living your dream is not easy, but it is worth it.