How to prepare for a cyclone

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 7 Mar 2015 23:45

Friday morning looks like it can be intense, the good news is that it is almost a week till we are there so things can change for the better.
Or worse...
So we are taking down sails and making sure that things are water tight even from a horisontal perspective.
We are not experts on hurricanes so we learn, and we have learned that water becomes airborn and a spray that can get into anything.
So even winches etc have to be covered up as much as possible.
The wind is coming from the north right now which means that the islands north side will take the hit and we will be on the back.
That is good news as that will take down the speed of the wind considerably but it will be gusty.
We have to make sure all our tanks are filled with fresh water as the infrastructure on the island can take sever damage. Water is the first to be contaminated as
most of it comes from open wells.
While we are preparing, looking at the bay in this calm tranquil weather it is hard to imagine it will be a roar and a mess of rain, thunder and winds.
The kids they are doing their stuff as ususal and are not worried at all.

Andreas is living in his world of Lego robots. I bought ONE robot in China and that thing has now transformed to three robots.
He looks at pictures like the one above and talks about the Hero factory all the time. Erika yells at him sometimes "I AM NOT INTERESTED!!!!"
but that does not stop him, "and you know the spiders come up from under ground, so the heros have to shot them but then there is that spider mother ...."
It is great that LEGO made it from almost bankrupt in early 2000 to being a top brand these days.... but it is hard for me to recognize the LEGO I played with as a kid.
AS a matter of fact, not ONE piece of the old LEGO would fit the robot stuff...
But to give them credit there are still stuff that would.