Friday afternoon

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 25 Jan 2013 18:18
We are at the Fig Tree, downloaded pictures as you can see. Skyped with Ellinors parents, great to do it with picture, Andreas could show them how he could write his name.
The SSB is installed now and checked by Gustaf on Kaminante, he brought a measuring device and could actually see that the signal came out good. Now we have to find somebody to listen and to talk to.
Today the watermaker started a serious production, Ellinor was running between being a teacher and being a water technician.
Andreas and I were ashore getting rid of garbage and checking the customs.
We will leave tomorrow before noon towards The Petit St Vincent/Grenada
It is going to be sad to leave this island, we have had a lot of fun, but now we are not allowed to be here any longer without extending our papers.
Some advice to those who plan to cruise (Yesterday, choice of boat)
The most needed equipment on board for cruising SAFETY
If you are prepared with all the normal sailing stuff, this is what I would consider important on the Atlantic and over here:
VHF, both hand held and fixed
AIS feels really good when the weather is bad
Radar if you can afford it, especially for nights when squalls can hit you (they can be very nasty)
Series drogue, if the waves start to push you and you surf you might loose control and eventually make a roll, that can be stopped with a drogue
The very best of anchors (We have Rocna) at least one size bigger than they recommend for your size of boat
The best of chain so you can sleep well, to many boats fool around on anchorages when the wind picks up
EPIRB, no doubt and a SPOT is very cheap
I would consider a handpumped watermaker KATADYN as emergency water supply, you just do not want to be without fresh water
Paper charts, but only large scale if you have a plotter, but make sure you have a second plotter.
Handheld GPS (What if you are struck by lightning?)
Weather is a safety issue, make sure you know how to get it, everywhere.
Either with a cost attached- satellite- Meteocom (check Bonitos site, very bad design, very good products)
or without cost - SBB - Weather fax
Navtex I consider being important in some parts of the world.