Thank god it's a weekend

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 16 Feb 2013 02:35
So finally it's friday and another hard week in the office is over....
Wensday was a birthday party for Isabella on the boat "Sunrise" from Vermont.  Her parents invited all yachts with Kids to Petit Bonair (an island nearby that is not populated at all) where there was a magnificent beach party. The kids chased crabs (eremit?) for hours and we had great wraps with sweet potatoes. The most entertaining part was a Swiss family that run a project that somehow is dedicated to save  the climate in this world. They have been sailing for 12 years and have made one circumnavigation. Their aim is to climb the highest peak on each continent. You can probably check them on
Now comes the best part, they have also given birth to 4 kids on the way (they clame that's because they have no TV) and they bring them with them. So when they come to Australia for example, they load kids and tents on bikes and bike to the highest peak and then 2 years later they are done with that.... Now they are going Panama-Galapagos-Hawaii-Alaska to climb some mountain there and then take the passage (NorthOstPassage) north of Americas back to the Atlantic (Honey lets shovel some ice and then let's not look at TV)
So if you think we are adventurous forget it. All this families being out here, that's nut's (as one family boat is named).
The whole business of adventure is getting destroyed, this dammed lonely-man-on the moon is getting passé.
Now families are doing it and you wonder what are the kids going to do? Well as kids often do the opposite they will probably never rollerskate down Mount Everest with a perambulator (barnvagn), or they will not waterski behind a trimaran around the world, or will they ever paddle upsidedown with scuba gear across the English channel? I think the next generation adventurer have to make combos, like parachute from a mountain wall and giving birth at the same time, or climb a mountain and having a surgery at the same time... Yes sorry, my imagination is getting carried away, but when it happens, remember where you read it first...
For the sake of the population of the world lets have a TV expedition....
Have a nice weekend!
In my Kindle right now: "The right stuff" by Tom Wolfe
The big question right now: to go far out at sea  (at least 14N) to St Marte/Columbia or go close to the coast, we have 50/50 opinions on that and all say the other is no good.....