What a thief! 12.02N61.45W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 29 Jan 2013 20:24
As we set sail towards Grenada we threw out a fishing line to see if we could get some nice dinner.
Coming in from 200 meters of depth to 35 the wheel started to spinn like mad.
I took the fishing rod and Ellinor tried to slow down Salsa as fast as possible. The line was going out furiously!
I started to pull and it was HEAVY! Lot's of fighting and then suddenly a big pull and after that it was still very heavy but not as lively.
After a long long pull all we got was the head of a tuna of about 7-8 kg! Somebody down there had eaten our tuna for lunch! Snapped of the body just like that. Predators cannot be trusted.
We did not catch anymore after that, not a sign of a fish....
The sailing was smoth and very nice. Approaching and sailing along Grenada is very attractive, lots of mountains and all is covered in green, green.
The water is blue and there are hardly any boats. When we got to Grand Mal bay we decided to drop anchor.
We had a great evening with the sun setting in the horizon, instead of fish we made pizza.
When it became dark we saw something I have never seen before, long strings of light in the water, some kind of algea we think, that lights up. Not just dots that you see at sea when sailing, long snakes of light!
Erika and I decided to sleep in the cockpit, it was very hot in the boat after the pizza bakery and it is nice to sleep outside with the sound of waves and just the stars.
I woke up at about three from some strange sound, as I looked up I saw something that could have been photographed for National Geographic, two small fishing boats (open rowing boats) where zig zagging slowly around us, on the bow a man had a big torch with fire, not electric, and he held the torch in front of himself, he had some kind of drape over his head to protect himself from the fire I guess, holding the torch in one hand and a bag net in the other he was leaning over the water looking for something, suddenly he would burst and catch something, I could not see what. They where very quite and the torches made it all unreal.
Monday meeting held on a tuesday. Andreas did not like it since we where talking about how we can make him listen.
He said there is no room for more NO in his body.
He has to create room to remember things we have said he should not do.
By the way, Andreas can swim now without any help or any snorkel etc. He can even freedive with snorkel (1,5 meter)
After monday meeting Erikan and Ellinor had school, Andreas and I went snorkeling just here.
In the afternoon we took the dinghy to Moliniere Point  where there are sculptures under the water.
Jason Decaires Taylor have made full size humans that are standing in a ring under the water. Very special! We are told he uses a material that makes it easy for corals to grow on the sculptures. The reason he has made this manifestation is that if we don't do anything about the water environment all corals will disappear before long.