On our way again!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 20 Sep 2013 03:00
So we have been on our way for one hour now. Still preotected by the island of Rarotonga. It feels good to be on our way again.
Sad that it did not work out to stay. But at least we are open to changes! Now we aim for one of the smallest countries in the world, just one island in the middle of nowhere...
If you aim for this place be prepared to be charmed by the people and the "Cook Island style"
Ellinor has been to a yoga class almost every other day and enjoyed it a lot! At the end Erika went along.
We have been extremely well taken care of and the only negative experience is the harbour.
Not only is it the worse harbor we ever experienced, but also one of the most expensive! In my opinion it is almost a steal o charge. So our advice is, stay away from this place if you hope for a relaxed stay. The boats bouncing up and down takes away the jouy of being ashore. The dinghy rides between the boat and the dock are crazy.
The gooood thing about this harbor (you know we should always practice to see things from the other side), is that it feels good to leave it. So far I had no complains on board about seasickness or such, and we have quite a big swell out here on the ocean!
We paid 800 NZ dollars to stay 20 days. And people are complaining about Galapagos. On top of that we had to pay some turist tax and customs tax...
So it all came to 1000 NZD wich is about 600Euros!
What else is there to say about our visit? Well the big part was that Miss My was there, the kids enjoyed each other a lot! There was alco a challenging playground so close that they could go there by themeselves. The adults got two "adult nights" meaning we had the kids eating pancakes on one boat and adults eating something more exotic on the other.
The only time that felt less enjoyable was when they left and we still did not get an answer from the secretary of health.
It was a surprise to get a no, since they expressed urgent need for doctors in the hospital.but but...
Good Bye Rarotonga, hope to come back some day!