Pacific Disco 05.21S 109.56W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 26 May 2013 03:52
Friday night, on planet Salsa, it is getting dark outside, the moon is full like a Dutch Cheese.
Since we do not move our bodies enought the kids where promised Disco!
First of all the attributes are very important, at least if you are 8 and 5, so they start to dress like what THEY think it looks like
in a Disco. And I can promise you something, I would never go to such a place...
Next thing is light. In the kitchen we have a ledstrip, and since we wanted it to be red at night (keeps your night vision) we had to buy a strip that can be programmed. Unfortunalley the kids found out that you can make it blink in four different colours in psychodelic patterns.
Then the Mac with Itunes is connected to the stereo in the saloon and off it goes! And it is strange to dance when the boat is rolling...
I would say it looked like a mix of the "Last fly from the Coconest" and a Workout without a leader.
We all had to take a shower afterwards, and it felt really well to move.
Then today we are back to a workday again.
Change of breakfast for the adults: German black bread fried with food bananas and scrambled eggs. Very good.
Ellinor has been chasing bugs all day but it seemes like the ziplock method around each páckage has worked. She has find some bugs in rice and pasta from Las Palmas, but they have been isolated in their own little world.
To make it more safe Ellinor asked me to clean the bildge under the kitchen where the rice and pasta was stored. That was a job! Laying upside down, scrubbing in a rolling boat... As I was dirty and sweaty I took off the oven from the cardan and cleaned under, it was needed.
As the bugchasers say, if you dont want them, dont feed them...
The good news is that in all the cleaning work not one single insect came out.
Next job on the agenda was ... oh by the way, you might not now what it means with a cardan and oven?
On a boat the oven is hanging so it can rock with the waves, thus what you boil will always be upright whatever the boat does. Looks pretty funny sometimes when the oven is leaning towards the wall and everything else looks normal (but the boat is leaning, for sure).
Next job today was to go over all the eggs, you turn them around every other week so they stay well, as we did so we realised some mold was building on the shells, so next step is to clean that off and protect them with vaseline (on the shell of course).
That takes some time since we do not have 2 eggs, but ....more
All eggs are protected in yellow eggboxes we got from Loupan (thanks Ulla and Per).
While you do this jobs you try to keep the kids happy, saturday means, candy, and candy means counting, and counting means trouble.
Trouble means that the small one eats everything at once and the big one saves for later in the day. Saving, means more trouble because the little one thinks he should have more. More means more trouble.
Well then you disappear into the machine room to check the oil in the generator, and there should be more....So that keeps you busy for a while...
During all this job, somebody has to sleep or make food, or why not, wash the dishes.
Lunch: Pacific soup left overs with new baked bread
Todays dinner: homemade falafel with yougurth sauce with myntha and llime, rice,
While all this is happening the wind is not funny, it is decreasig but the waves are not. Our goose neck sounds like it will explode any moment when the waves makes the sails flonk or klonk or whatever. So we have set a new sail figuration and started to sail towards 6 degrees S. Hoping to catch more wind before it dies.
How can a reader of this blog prepare him/herselfe for the coming stories?
Well homework is to get all the islands in the right order. Hiva Hua, Kua Hia, Lunka Tukka, Hoa Moa, and so on is a little hard to keep in mind. So start practicing the polinesian alphabet (I think they have less letters than we do).
I know that when I have read others descriptions from this part of the world I could never keep track of all these small islands scattered on an ocean that is SOOOOOOO BIG.
So please get the names right... just kidding
I guess when the weather gets sunny in Sweden at least nobody is going to bother wether we are in Hia Hoa or Tuamoto.