Reliefe from the heat

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 24 Jan 2015 23:54
Sunday morning. We had school anyway. I have been the teacher for a couple of days. Ellinor has been  working on the deck and on the medicin part of the sailing book.

Andreas is wearing protections when Erika and I have to talk...

We have taken all the bad sicaflex away from deck now and tonight I will fill in the new. What we have changed so far has looked really good.
It is really a sad job to accomplish but it will feel better when done

We have moved to a reef by the entrance of Savusavu bay, no island in the way and that makes it cooler. BUT the bad news is that the kids got badly burned this morning by some invisible jelly fish or just some tentacles.
So now the kids do not want to swim anymore...
Editing a book, what does it mean?
Im just done with the book V ARVET, a novel or as my editor calls it An Entrepreneurial Thriller...
It means you have an editor that reads your material and after a brief gives you like 426 remarks, and some of them can be like: get your timeline right (means you have to rethink the entire order of happenings and how they affect your characters)

So to give you a picture on how much it is Im publishing all his sheets with remarks:

 I think he has done a great job and each remark has the page number.

So now it's time to let the book be still for a while and then read it again.

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