No you don't want to know

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 19 Feb 2013 01:27
Well let's start with the nice stuff, saturday we brought the bicycles ashore and had a great ride to something called a lagoon.
The place was deserted but we had an adventure climbing rocks and standing by waves crashing onshore and sparying us all over.
We saw three iguanas (BIG!) two were dead and the third got so scared when we came it runned right into a pole and crashed, survived the impact and took off into a huge cactus. The kids where laughting for hours. You actually heard the crash!
We met some donkeys that obviously are wild. But no flamingos. The trip was Ok, the only mishap was when Erika parked her bicycle just by the edge of a pier and the wind blew the bike into the ocean. We got it up and I was concerned that we got fresh water everywhere, stopped at a small hut where it said CARWASH and a guy from Dominique who could hardly speak english let us use his big hose for free.
Yesterday we had no activity other than fixing the impeller on the generator, our beloved Fisher Panda stopped from overheating the other day, and at the same time our watermaker started to bang in the aft. They have both the same inlet through the hull so it was easy to find the problem. There must be stop in the inlet. That was fixed and the filter cleaned.So I thought.
Then we started the generator yesterday and soon it stopped and overheated again. next step, the impeller, and THAT is something I looked at when we where fixing the generator last time and I thought: -hope I never have to get that thing OUT-
Well this time we where at anchor, no rocking. But it took about four hours and the assistance from Ellinor to change it. I promise I will not tell you  every detail now...
The afternoon was off and we had the family from Sunrise on board for dinner. Lovely family, great fun to learn to know them!
Today Monday,  Andreas and I took off and made errands while Erika and Ellinor had school.
In the afternoon I wrote on the book, Ellinor went through all the material from Erikas school we have got by mail.
Later on I decided to tick off another item on my list, check the starter battery for the big engine. Especially in warm climate wet batteries have to be checked so they do not dry out. The battery was fine, but since I was "downunder" the galley (kitchen) I thought I give the sea water filters a good look. To my surprise the filter for the ffridge cooling water was dry. So I took the hose off and but it in a bowl of water, no water was sucked up. The pump must be working without effect on the membrane (the motor was running alright). Soon enought the whole thing was in pieces and Mr Neptune himself had left everything you can think off in the parts, like coral, chalk, bits and pieces from the ocean that build up over time. And soon enought I was off to town to buy new rings to fasten the membranes (the old ones where totally corroded). went by the chandlery and looked at a new pump, 400 USD! No way!
Went to a tool shop where a nice man helped me with spare parts for the cost of four dollars. Went back onboard, put it all together and now the fridge is spinning without overheating and maybe that will answer the question why it took so much power.
Our goal is now to stop drinking cool water and save energy so we only have to drive the Fisher Panda one hour every other day again.