Sim city

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 10 Jul 2015 11:34
Those of you who have tried to play SIM city know what a perfectly planned city looks like-
Canberra is boring- with its enormous avenues and all pompous architecture it looks like a Soviet
era city that is better built and in better shape than the ones the Soviets managed to accomplish.
This is truly a city without history. All built at the same time it makes it look artificial.
We also managed to stay in a caravan park that could be titled as an asphalt desert surrounded by
square houses built in red bricks. The architect here had no idea about how to make something
The museum we managed to visit where great though, the National Museum of history, the National museum of art and the portrait gallery were all
great exhibitions.
But after that we fled away taking a turn around the Capitol hill that was if possible even more artificial...
We took the highway towards Sydney and stopped in Guildborn. Found a great camping place, had a good meal and fell asleep.
Today we took off right after breakfast and made it to Sydneys souther suburbs were we found a caravan park.
The idea is to stay here since Ellinor wants to take a few yoga lessons with some "guru" the coming mornings.
Once parked we took the train to the city and experienced the Sydney city center for the first time.
Great city life that can be grasped by foot (In Canberra you need to go by car as even the roads are to wide to cross in 30 minutes...(OK less)
As the kids were very negative when we visited the museum of art in Canberra we bribed them with a visit at the cinema if they could stay quite during our visit
at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. We hadn't needed to.The exhibitions were amazing even for the children.
But a promise is a promise so we went to the big cinema house on George Street and saw the midgets history...
Now we are back in the camper van after a train ride out again.
The temperature feels warm now, 10 degrees plus!