Same as home

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 1 Oct 2014 19:57
It struck me, people in Fulaga thank you for everything. Even when you praise their food they say "Thaaank you!" when you ask for another coconut the say "Thaaank you!" or Linaka, as it is said in Fijian.They give you clams and you ask if you can bring them something and they just say "Thaaaank you, but we do not need anything!" Of course they do so we give them some jest and flour and when they get it, he or she will take your both hands, look into your eyes and say "Thaaaank you very very very much!". It is lovely and unusual, well until I started to think about Swedes.
We thankyou all the time but far from with that same charming smile.
In the store:
"These will be fine, thank you"
"Thank you, well it is going to be 148 krona"
"Thank you, here"
"Thank you, here is your change"
"Thank you"
"Thank you and have a good day!"
"Thank you, the same!"
Actually we are so used to Thankyoua that it can get stressing when you eat at an American restaurant for instance. They do not use thank you as much so first time you thankyoua for the menu the waiter will go "You are welcome!" but when you thankyoua for the second round of coffeee they just go "mmmmmhm".
We even say thankyou when we want to stop something, if somebody is pouring wine into your glass and you just want half a glass you say:
"thankyouthankyouthankyou!" wich means "stop it!"