103 to go 23.03S 175.15 W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 4 Aug 2014 09:16
Yes I looked away and there is was, the first twist on the main sheet! Not only that, I think I heard some cows in the distance, behind some big waves....
Well the first is true, there is a twist on the main sheet again.
4/8   9pm local time (you know the skipper decides what time it is on board), 103 nM before we can see land, then we have another 100 before we get to Hapaai, it feels like we are almost there. But it is as much as sailing the entire South coast of England.
Tonight the winds are still strong and fluctuating up to 24 knots. The entire day has been a day full of work and everything you do feels like working in a camper van that has joyned the Paris Dakhar Rally.
Just to wash the dishes is a circus.
The kids are expressing a wish to get ashore now. They are playing games with us, using arguments like "if you want us to take it easy let us have the iPad..." This is in response to that I do not like them to hang upside down in a rocking boat one week away from a hospital.
If there are two small reefs on a path of let´s say 1000nM, do you think that they will be in your way and that you have to alter course because off them?
The answer is given. And what I would love to see is the sea below a reef that is about 15 meters in diameter and around it you have depths of 9000 meter. If that would have been a mountain ashore it would have belonged to some wonders in the world.
Oh my oh my, as Im typing this in darkness a wave hit us on the side and the cascade of water that came into the cockpit is enought to start a big jacouzzi.
Really dark it is not any more, now the moon is half, meaning the stars are not as bright but we can see the water and the sails, but with a computer screen shining in your face it is pitch dark. So every 20 minutes I shut it down and have a look, and still,after 9 days at sea, we have seen none, zero, niente, nichts, ingenting, nes pas, nada, nitchky, other than waves, some dolphins, an albatross, a few other birds and some flying fish.
What an evolution by the way, a fish that gets wings, and if somebody tries to snatch it, off it goes into the air and flies 100 meter unless there is ONE Damned boat in the way- ouch! Erika asked today, "what do they do with their wings under the water?"  I think that is a very relevant question.
Normally we would have googled it I guess, but here we live in the land of ignorance and no-knowledge, sorry, in the sea.
Googles next market perhaps, under water search- called Booble
OKOK   Im quitting now