Falmouth at last

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 6 Aug 2012 17:03
Now we are back to where we started last year. From here we will go south.
We are doing some work, one diesel tank has to be cleaned from bacteria (todays meeting with all involved, thank you!) Rigging checked and some details taken care of. New plotter etc.
We came in this morning at one o clock after using the front of a big low pressure building just around us. It is amazing to use that big power and being in the middle of it there is almost no wind. Big clouds build up and it looks very dramatic. But the puzzle is to use the right wind and the current at the same time. I made a misstake in how long a current was going to take us on one tack and it ended up setting us two hours behind schedule. Sounds funny does it? Well when you sail in these waters it is like driving a train. You are passing a spot where the current can be up to three knots, you want to make it at the right time, if you end up with the current against you that will hold you for a couple of hours, just banging against waves and current and wind...
So the planning is done beforehand and it sounds funny when you say, we will start tomorrow at 8 am sharp. Anchor goes up and first tack is 273 degrees, you get the idea.
As soon as you are behind schedule things get out of hand and we ended up coming in in pitch darkness at one instead of 9 (21.00).
Not to bad and it could always be worse...
We will leave the boat on wensday, and go to Bath, look at folding bikes, enjoy the city etc. When Salsa is ready we have to wait for the right weather to go to Madeira, very exciting!