19:09.2S 172:59.8E Better today

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 19 Apr 2015 11:35
Yes yes, it is better today, no liquid freight trains shoving us in the side, just normal trucks.
It's funny that the question arises, what did I tell Andreas, how come mom could want me?
I never had to answer that question, Erika did it for me, she said "dad TALKED mom into it! stupid!"
Not much to report, we are now all three boats aligned aiming for the north shores of Aneityum, we try to keep the speed down as we will
arrive in the dark. No meaning to do that.
Tuesday morning is clear in.
We were fast yesterday and that might also give you a picture on how wild it is to ride in hard weather, we did 190 nautical miles in 24 hours.
This is the hard part to share, why not just slow down? Or stop? There are even people that believe that we anchor at night when on passage.
To sail with a 45 fot boat on the big ocean is like setting up a tent in the forest. If you just throw up the tent you might find that the ground leans in one direction and makes all of you roll down to one side, or that you have big roots under your back, even worse it starts raining and your tent is in a pit. The experienced scout knows how to look for a good place where to set up the tent and gets a good night sleep.
To sail on the ocean is about getting to the other side in time before the next bad weather hits your waters, but, and the hardest thing to comprehend is that we have no protection whatsoever, closest land is 2 km from us, UNDER us.
So whe have to use tactics to make the journey as fast and as comfortable as possible. That means for instance a game with speed and waves. This is all very basic, but there is a hard weather tactics and I think experience is the best teacher. But one thing is the most important of all,
if something does not feel right or there is wear and tear on the equipment, keep on experimenting till you fixed it! It is very tiring to know you should take care of flapping sails and worse it will really make you tyred if they brake because you did not do what you knew had to be done.
Even better, stay home and read about crazy people who do take on such journeys....