You have to change name when you get older

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 24 Jul 2013 18:01
Andreas can come up with really funny thoughts, yesyerday he said, "when I get older I have to change name"
"Why" asked Elllinor
"Well Andreas is a boy name,so I can't be called that when I get old"
"What name would you have then?"
"Staffan, maybe"
As I opened the small book where I write things like that I found small treasures:
This one is a few years old:
"Andreas, what do they call a guy who flies a plane?"
"Andreas for instance"
Or this one
"Andreas if you wake up, try to stay in bed and fall a sleep again"
"What do I do if I dream in english and do not understand what they are saying?"
The wind slowed down to 20 knots, felt like a calm.
So in the afternoon we decided we had to get ashore and move our legs. Go to Fernando and buy some baguettes.
Well even in 20 knots the dinghy ride was a small adventure.
Ashore we walked to the village, and the bakery was closed!
To bad. We learned that different parts of the village is competing every evening in traditional dancing.
Last night it was the Blue group and they would start at 7.30 pm
Well at 7.30 it is dark and we felt that with our small dinghy and the uncertain weather we did not dare to go back in the dark.
But we met the family from Kaweskar, they are from Chile, the kids have been playing with Amelia on board.
They where ashore and offered we could drive back in pair (they have a big dinghy with 25 hp!).
So we decided to stay and look at the dance. It was marvelous!
Last night it was a tribute to the black pearl.
The cutest where the kids of course, in great costumes making the hula hula movements like pros!
The orchestra was fantastic and they synced on splitseconds with the dancers movements.
Sometimes the rain was pouring down like a shower and in the midst of this a young woman was performing some sensuell dancing.
Impressive. But the wind was picking up again. So we asked if our kids could go in the bigger dinghy.
We had hand held VHFs and could communicate.
So Ellinor and I started out before, we walked back to the dinghy that we left a kilometer out of the village. It was COLD and we had no clothes for that.
Got in the dinghy and the wind was 30 and above, the waves where crazy, Ellinor and I where soaked even before we left the little protected lagoon.
Out there our little 2,5 hp engine was working, and working , and working against the waves and the wind.
Slowly but surely we got to the boat. We where exhausted, we had to lay down to keep the dinghy as steady as possible and to
create as little windcatch as possible.
Soon after came the kids in the big dinghy (well it is more a rib) and even they had been soaked.
All fell asleep very tired and very safe on Salsa again!