Six days left

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 20 Nov 2012 08:21
A day like yesterday,
0900 Leaving Erika at the Kids club
09.15 Ellinor is off to the industrial area on bike to get tools and parts
I' m opening the bildge to clean it out.
Have to install an alarm for water
Andreas and I walk off with grey water to the dumpstation. Andreas wants to help by opening with our passage card. He looses it in the water.
Return to boat. Mounting bilge alarm.
11.40 The technician from Raymarine shows up, he is going to solve a lot of problems we have had with the plotters and AIS. We need to work together before he can go on his own.
12.00 Ellinor returns and I start shaping up our spinacker boom with new rivels. Have to drill the old ones out and put new in. Ellinor starts the lunch.
1330 Erika has to be picked up
1400 lunch, but I have to interupt for two reasons, the Raymarine guy and then comes the tecnician from Fisher Panda. He cannot help me with the problem I have but finds a new one. He might be able to solve it...
1500 try to get the kids to sleep siesta.
1600 take the dinghy to a gas station to fill fenders with air and the kids with ice cream, only the latter works.
16.30 clean after work
1700 Start to mount fans and dismount stuff from a wall where we will have a new book shelf.
Ellinor is working a lot with laundry and does si evey spare moment
1800 we take showers
1830 go to sundowner and end up singing irish songs, fun!!
19.30 Sailors bar, pizza
2100 the kids to bed
2145 sorting out tomorrow
22.30 Good Night!