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Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 26 Jul 2013 07:03
If you look into the property of most Swedish houses you will see a car as the main obstacle.
What do you see in a Manihi property?
Today we saw proof of how you can solve a problem with lateral thinking I guess.
A boat that has been at anchor here some days, has a french captain on board.
Today they where going 7 miles to Ahe but as they started to pull anchorchain they realized it was wrapped around some corals.
So they tried all kinds of ways to get it off.
As I was helping Winddancer to get their chain untangled it was easy to take the dinghy over to the other boat and check with them.
Their captain was diving so all I saw where bubbles of air. But then I looked an wondered if they had anchored with rope?
No said the owner, the rope is connected to the anchor chain at the bottom. I looked a little confused, and where does that run?
-It's all down there, said the owner
-The captain thought it was easier to let all the chain down and then sort it out at the bottom...
Well that was different, bottom here is at about 20 meters where they where, and it is full of coral heads.
I guess they sorted it out, because 5-6 hours later they left.
As it looks now we can leave for Papete on Saturday. That would be nice. We are getting very creative on what to do with canned food and Winddancer gave us some sprouts today, it was wonderful with some fresh vegetables!
    The only sad thing about leaving is that we know this place now. As we went to the village yesterday the kids and I (again an adventure ride with the dinghy), everywhere the kids yell : - ERIKA!  ANDREAS! and some take them by the hand and run off. Erika is not to excited about that. She feels that there is too much attention.
We went to the store to buy some eggs but they had none. They had almost nothing fresh. A few onions and some potatoes.
But you can stock on canned food, mayo, ketchup, chips etc. I had promised the kids some ice cream, so we bought two small cups (6Euros!). Then we bought four baguettes (2,5 Euros total) from Fernando the baker. Well his wife was there.
They have a funny system in the stores, I have seen that in Marquesas as well. If you buy a lot of stuff they will let you wait until everybody that just wants to buy a few things is taken care of first. So they let me buy 2 ice cream in front of two ladies that had some considerable piles of flip flops, canned meat, flour, etc
The weather last night was wild. And funny enought when I looked at the weather chart we where right in the middle of the worse conditions around here.Right in the middle! Winds around 30-40 knots make the boat shake in the rigg, and we do dance around a lot.
Oh yeas:
If you look into the property of most Swedish houses you will see a car as the main obstacle.
What do you see in a Manihi property?
An electric concrete mixer