Daily life in Paradise

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 8 Jan 2013 11:19
Sunday we went ashore at Union Island, there was a most lovely little town, Clifton, where Erika met a 15 year old girl that got so fascinated by her hair to start with. And then we had a chat. We bought vegetables from a lady in some kind of village square. After lunch we lifted the hook and sailed back to Mayreau. We like it here, it is a great bay with a most wonderful empty beach. Lisa and Gustaf are on their final part of vacation.
This night Erika and I slept in the cockpit, Erika for pleasure I did it to keep a watch on what is going on when one squall comes after the other.
They come usually at night and they are like a small storm. If a boat is badly anchored in the bay they can come shooting on other boats. Last night a lot of boats came in to seek shelter in the bay.
The other day we met Patrik from S/Y Litorina and he shared their plans for a circumnavigation. Looked not at all like ours so we are now revising and will get back with a new plan. The main idea is to stay here til next January and then go the Panama Canal early 2014nso we get extra time in the Pacific, then you skip New Zealand and make a very brief stop in Australia. Thus we will still make it in three years. The reason is that this part of sailing and the Pacific is more attractive and cheaper to be. Ackording to Patrik Australia will cost us about 40% more and will reward us with a lot of tought environment. Patrik has made a circumnavigation before so we believe it is worth looking at it.
For those that imidietaly worry about the hurrican season here, we will then move down to Grenada and below to stay out of it.
If my father would have lived he would have asked what we eat on board. Let's look at some meals the last couple of days.
Going backwards: yesterday evening, avocado with lime and dressing as a starter, fresh pizza with aubergine as a main. All eaten in the cockpit looking at the sunset by Union Island in the horizon.
Lunch: Hashbrowns with an omelett
Breakfast: Home made yougurth with small bananas and corn flakes, home baked sour dough bread with coffee
The day before that: Dinner:Lisa and Gustaf went ashore so we made vegatarian burgers with some chips for us and the kids.
Lunch: The famout Pacific soup (sweet potatoes and coconut milk)with fresh baked bread
Breakfast: always the same more or less.
In between meals, fruits of different kinds, we have bought a lot of lovely mango, sweet grapefruit and more.
Other popular meals: wraps with mashed potatoes and tunamix (onion, mayo, tuna)
Catch of the day....