Oceanview N18.41 W28.25

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 4 Dec 2012 09:00
Are we enjoying ourselves? Are we having fun? Do we remember what a great adventure this is? Do you like your unobstructed oceanview?
Do you feel like a
Let me explain. Today some friends sent us (thank you Mary and Lars) a still picture of the  Tracker on the web.
There we are, all of us, small boats in different colors and with small tails...
Guess it is ment to show a track so to speak, but actually I'm going to save this picture and use it when the kids ask how they came about.
When you think about the name Virgin Islands it all becomes obvious, all these sperms swimming towards that same little egg called St Lucia, and the boat that gets there first...
Thinking of that it must be great to be first ashore, only for one reason, wifi is still working on broadband.
On board Salsa, today 3/12
 Ellinor started baking fresh bread at five in the morning, we have a sour dough in the boat. For those that do not know, a sour dough is alive and has to be fed. Ours is out now but we have it on a leash.
Inspired by the gret tasting and looking bread I decided to make a soup I never heard of before, Tomato and coconut cream soup, came out wonderful, we had a lot of slowly fried onion in it as well.
Our son who is four (Ok four and half!) decided that the soup was not for him.
- But you have to taste a small spoon Andreas!
He sticks out his tongue 0,5 mm and when I touch it with the spoon he reacts like it is poison.
Swedes know that in this time of the year you keep your tongue inside. Frozen metal for instance is not a good idea to taste, you get stuck and you have to use hot water to get free. Unless you have it with you, there will be some waiting looking silly with your tongue stuck to the stairs rail at your friends house.
Here on the ocean, I use my tongue a lot more, is this towel salt or just wet? Is this salt or acid? Is this battery working? Is this water salt in the bildge? OK , it's not water...
Now when we are just sailing and sailing the kids have all the time to talk to you, all the time, any time, and they talk a lot about christmas.
So I decided to give them my own home made christmas calender with 24 windows to open, but once you started the first calender you get stuck at the fifth window,  second calender is a real pain believ me. But now they are happy, so am I....My watch went fast.