Pictures from Lisabon

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Fri 5 Oct 2012 19:40
We went to Lisbon by train from Cascais (where we had the boat at anchor), a 30 minute ride.

and that is very long for some people...

Then it get's more thrilling, Lisbon is like San Francisco, steep hills and special trains

That was better for some

scary for some

and funny for others


The children choose the Museum of Communication (don't ask me why)
And this was the first Portuguese letterbox (one sailor communicating with another)

Thrilling stuff like stamps, which was fun in this case, when Portugal became republic they simply stamped that on the old stamp with the king

An old time post station in replica, very well done

The first telephone operator was mummified (just kidding)

This was a thrill for the kids, they had to practice for long before they could dial another phone in the same room. 
It was very hard to understand that you put the finger on the right number and THEN HAD TO MOVE in circle to get it right!

This one was better...

We were the only visitors so the woman in the reception actually took us around and told us great stories
(This one is about people being scared sleeping laying on their back so beds were short and you actually sat and slept, 
what it has to do with communication you can only guess) We have the answer.

On the streets graffiti has taken over completely

even on the train home we where in the back of graffiti

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