Gran Tarajal is very nice!

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 4 Nov 2012 09:49
When you enter the harbour it is very clean and organized (as long as you don't use the public toilets). When you see the waterfront you might think this town is extremely boring, concrete buildings that are far from the charm of an old fishing village. BUT, it is funny how some of us travel around looking for that genuine old style fishing village and will be disappointed from time to time.
After visiting Corralejo, this is a great experience!  Most of the Portuguese and spanish towns we have visited south of Ria Arosa have catered for the tourist industry. Most of them failing leaving uggly empty buildings and desperate people. Corralejo here in Fuerteventura being the worst of all. Nothing is real, everything is aimed at the visitor to make money. You cannot walk 2 meters without being interupted by some offer, food, camelback riding etc etc.
Here in Gran Tarajal we are 10-15 boats that are on our way to sail to far away places, then there are no other visitors. No tourists only local people taking care of themselves. That is so great! Life is going on and yesterday night, a saturday, it was party in the village.
It all feels very remote, some jeeps, a big floodlight, people bring their own wine, a guy that is singing along with a computer orchestra. He is singing with a great voice and most songs have the rythm of a horse riding. It seemes to be a lot of shooting going on in the songs because he often sings the word PISTOLA instead of love. The guy sings and sings without interuption, he is a pro!
Some couples dance, there are different generations, some have nice traditional clothes some just a dirty T-skirt and pants. You come as you like.
In a restaurant by the water there is a family party going on, we take a chance to sit down and see if we will be served before long and yes! The guy sweeps right at us and in SpanishItalianEnglish we make ourselves understood, we get tapas, big Servesas, and the children can fool around with other children at the waterfront (there is a beach with black sand below). When they get their Pizza it is a great homemade one and precut and just ready to take a slice and run.
There is a lot of noise, at the table next to us 6 gentlemen in their 80:s sort of talk, smoke and drink, one of them has a small radio by his ear and listens to a football match, sometimes he yells advices or is happy about a goal being made. By the same table two ladies sit  with big colorful dresses and we really wonder what relations we are seing.It is all like sitting in a big opera. Tables are moved, people come and go, small children are up and with their parents. It is 28 degrees centigrade even though it is dark and we feel very relaxed.
The waterfront is bubbling with life. When we go back to the boat we can still hear the guy singing and we can actually hear every word, that is loud! But it does not matter, he is real.