KAPA Island Tonga and Highlights

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 14 Oct 2013 19:43
Hallo again! It´s been a few days. Now we are in Kapa Island on an anchorege called Pt Maurelle.
This is a true archipellago with protected waters. Feels great to have protection from all sides.
The day before yesterday we crewed Felice in the yearly Tonga Regatta. The last thing I thought I would do so far out, to be in a regatta!
We had a lot of fun, and as soon as we can upload the pictures they will speak for themselves.
The day after, sunday we decided we had enought of hanging on a mooring by Neiafu, the main town in Vavau.No more technical problems to solve...
So we set sail and sailed as flat as it would have been a lake between very green islands. For you who know Lake Mälaren, imagine the same feeling sailing among very green islands, but change the trees to palmtrees and other trees, and change the water to a very clear salt water.
There you have it.
So we just sailed for an hour and a half and we are in the middle of nowhere. Beautyful bay with pristine water. The only drawback is that when you go ashore on this beautyful white sandy beach the mosquitoes attack with no mercy. Gues it has to do with all the raining we have had lately.
We are all looking forward to get visitors from Sweden, Anders and Alexandra will come in 6 days. And since Alexandra is Erikas best friend from home she is counting every day. When they arrive we will have a go and check out Vavau and then moving south towards Tongapau.
The weather will be quite challenging for a few days in the beginning but the long forecast shows lighter winds after that. So we will most probably stay in this wonderful archipellago until it settles.
To continue the writing about highlights I did interview Ellinor about what she founds to be the highlights so far.
Ellinor things that it has been fewer meeting with local people than she anticipated before taking off.
Her theory is that all relations are investments with time and emotions, and with people living on an island, they know and you know that you will disappear soon again. They have seen many yachtees come and go.
So you end up haveing the longest, lasting relations with other yachtees. We all move on in almost the same pace.
Ellinor thinks yachtees are quite a homogenous group. We have all made a change in our life and there is a different priority than work and career.
We have made some really good friends with other yachtees.
Highlight is when you realize that we are gifted to be with the kids all the time.
Ellinor also thinks that the ocean and the coastlines are an ever present highlight.
I asked Andreas right now and he came up with his latest highlight: It was when we had pizza and I made this great plane with LEGO and threw it into the dinghy and it broke in 1000 pieces.
by the way, we cannot receive emails for a few days (can only send) so we keep the satellite phone on morning and evening
+870 773 152528