Update from Madeira N32E16

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 20 Oct 2012 18:48
There has not been much written for a couple of days. But it has been an intense perios with Ellinors parents. We have mostly enjoyed the salt water pools and beeing together. Very nice time and sad when they left.
We had to leave Funchal (due to a regatta they asked us to leave)  and decided to sail westward to Calheta. We got there yesterday afternoon and once in the harbour we realized the whole place was like a madhouse. All boats where moving back and forth in a strong swell that came into the harbour. Not only that, the pontoons moved as well on their pilings, and since nobody put grease on the rollers it sounded like being inside a huge rusty machine. The screamings sounds echoing within the concrete walls that surrounded the place ( at night it sounded like they where killing whales) Since we are staying because of a forecast stating strong southerlies I had a hard time sleeping listening to the mad sonds knowing this will grow worse. Talking to the responsible person i the harbour made it, we left. Upon asking her how it would be in the harbour on tuesday ( 33 knots and 5 meter swell), she replied, it will be BAD.
So we went all the way eastward to Quinta do Lores, took almoust all day but it was a nice ride with a smoth sea and wind on the run.Sun was shining and we just rested, read a book and the kids played.
Now we rest in this marina until thursday if the forecast remains the same. Next stop Graziosa  the Canary Islands, that is  about a 48 hours sail from here.Tomorrow I will make a big service on the engine and Ellinor will take the washing machines  in the marina, very classic roles, we know...