Crab hunting

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 8 Jan 2015 07:08
Lady Carolina suggested yesterday that we go to a beach quite a bit from here to hunt land crabs. And so we did...
Funny enough Carolina (yes she has the same name as the boat) brought big tongs that you use when you BBQ.They turned out to be a brilliant way of getting mad crabs out of their hideouts. The idea was to lift a logg and then go for it.
In one place we lifted and found a whole bunch and they started to run away from us, I was going to close the retreat  when I run into a wasp nest. Luckily they only went after me, but it hurts! I got about 4 nasty bites and after that I was done. In the evening we had a potlock on Salsa with fish soup (fish from previous hunt), with aioli, fresh baked bread and crabs. Desert= chockolate cake! Yammme!
Last meal for a while with them as they took off for Savusavu this morning. Steves parents have been on board a month now and felt it was time to get off.
It is very very hot now as we have no wind, the air is very moist and during the day big big thunderclouds are building over the big islands. So far none of these clouds have hit us. Now as I write this I hear thunder in the background.
The kids are buildng an entire city from Lego on the big table in the saloon today, wow! I will show you pictures when we get a connection again.
We are the only yacht here now but have a radio-net going every morning were we discuss whats going on in the atmosphere. It looked for a while as we had nothing to look for but now there is an intense low forming around the Solomons, it will head for New Caledonia and then it gets critical, if it forms to a cyclone. We will see. In any case we have to go to Savusavu around the 12th to pick up a new wind indicator.
By the way, Ellinor does yoga on aft deck every day and now the kids have started to mimic her, it looks so funny when Andreas does yoga the way he interprets the movements!