Preparation for the Atlantic

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 11 Nov 2012 15:11
So, if you look at the map, the miles we covered since June 17th is about the same we will go across the Atlantic in three weeks ( we hope).
We are leaving the 25th of November with 240 other boats in something called the ARC .
Until that day we have seminars, safety controls, parties, childrens clubs etc etc. From wendsday we are on schedule every day. Like being on a conference. The best part being that you get to know a lot of orher sailors. Actually, walking to the sailors bar yesterday took quite some time. All people we have met in different harbours on the way down are now here, Hallo! How are you! How was your trip down? We followed you blog! Etc etc. Far more social then at home.

A reflection to be worked on. In all harbours we have seen at least 10 boats leaving/arriving every day and that must make it 2-300 hundred of them. Only ONE had an incident. One! In Sweden you see one every three days when sailing in the archipellago.
The difference?

In Sweden everybody looks at the poor bastards that are going to berth. We just LOOK!
How barbarian!
In the continent and down here everybody HELPS the boat coming in or leaving.
Can we change the behaviour in Sweden?