News on schooling etc

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 2 Feb 2014 00:07
We have a few complaints about what's on the blog. Are the kids going to school or not?
Well the question has been equally confusing to us. But now we think it is all going to the
direction that the kids start next week. We are seeing the principle tomorrow
(Monday) and hopefully that means we are all set.
We have our paper work back and will stay here till the 30th of April, that's when we fly back to Sweden.
The reason it has been confusing has been
1. Suddenly the administration on the school demanded that we are
on a working permit file at New Zealand Immigration. Well Ellinor was looking into the matter and as a doctor she
is high priority immigrant. On one hand. On the other the wall that has been raised does not imply that at all.
2. Before they even wanted to see us again we had to have visitors visa straightened out till the end of April.
Then the principle wrote to us and straightened things up. He confirmed that there was no talk of us having applied for working visas to be admitted to school.
But he asked us to apply for student visas for the kids. Now the New Zealand immigration say we do not need to so we will probably learn tomorrow what is going.
For those that have not been in New Zealand you would be surprised on the bureaucracy they have here. But we have learned from the kiwis that the government has grown tired of all stupidity they
have to solve with taxpayers money. I can see the point in one way, they are just 4 million people having to get an entire country to function with that. And they are at the edge of the world map...
The people are just wonderful, very friendly and curious in a genuine way. Hospitality is just amazing. As a swede you don't know how to take it...