Where the rainbow ends

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 18 Jun 2015 10:59

As we came in to Pittswater/Newport (part of Sydney) yesterday a magnificent double rainbow grew as an arch just were we where.
A sign of welcome? A sign of ending at the right spot? A sign at all?
Rod from DYB came out and greeted us welcome and showed us the mooring. The mooring where we will leave Salsa.
Today we walked through all the proceeders for importing, costs involved etc.
We also bought a pile of boxes for packing.
Some of you write and ask how it feels. Sad?
I think we all have different feelings. Our barefoot life feels so far away already as it is so very cold here. You need long johns, pants and sailors outfit
for being on the water. Today it has been an almost constant rain.
Flipflops, bulla! and shorts seems like a dream- did we really live it in Fiji for 8 months?
The difference between whats offered here and what you find in Vanuatu is almost unreal.

What is the perfect life?
A question we could ask ourselves.
When we were in Vanuatu helping people, we could see how vulnerable our society would have been in the same  disaster situation.
Those who have little have very little to loose...
But in comparison- when it became dark- it was dark, unless they would light a fire. When the islanders ate the choices were few, maybe fish,kasava, jams or banana.
When they celebrated a pig could be killed for the occasion.
When we enter the temple of food in Australia it beats everything we have seen since being home last year. Just the choice of muesli is more than the total choice of all food in a store in Fiji. Does it make us happier? Well the smile comes when we see the choices of vegetables and fruits, and the high standard!

As spoiled kids we can decide to travel the world when we prepare our food, "mexican?", "Indian?", "Italian pasta con pesto" or Swedish pancakes?
We can sit with a candle on the table, some electric lights and enjoy burritos or a creamy soup with sour dough bread with cheese from Switzerland.
You could easily see how much richer our life is and that has a price of course. At the same time do we all appreciate how spoiled we are?

Is it right? If we imagine an UFO landing on our earth would they comprehend the differences? 
Would they understand why so many starve and just a few can choose from everything? 
How would we respond to the questions about why some have everything and some have nothing? Where is the reason?
I guess we are all sailing into a future that can be quite challenging...

The end of a journey...
What is a journey? You could say that sailing around half the world is a journey. But the movement through water is in itself not the exciting part.
The journey that happens inside, the time to think and question why we are running like hell is a more interesting trip.

The experience to meet people, humans, fellows, brothers and systers, all descendants from the same 10.000 people that were so close to extinction but somehow managed to populate the entire globe. On almost every rock of some size we have found people. The vast ocean is empty like space, but once you get close to a shore people will be there, footprints everywhere...
This trip has showed us that we are all alike, everywhere, same needs and same amazing will to be seen and to see. 
Cultures can be different but the intelligent eyes, the curiosity, the boundaries are always the same.

We are all on a journey, it starts when we are born and ends when we die. Some of us happen to be on the same train in time and space.
Within that journey we can start a new life, getting married or divorced, leaving or meeting, being left behind or discovered, move or stay. 
The sailing boat is a metaphor, just a symbol, a platform to make your journey visible. 
But we all travel and as we leave Salsa behind, our journey takes on a new direction. 

Every day we all rotate one circle around the globe, or the globe turns as we stand still, that is an immense speed! 
A full circle per 24 hours! Especially close to the equator...
As long as we live the journey does not end. 
Hopefully you will find your day meaningful today and hopefully you do appreciate being one of the few privileged people on this earth.

Andreas exploring at the museum in Newcastle- an amazing place!