Another shitty day in Paradise

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 17 Mar 2013 20:03
Paradise is probably the most misused word among yachtees. It is paradise her and paradise there. It might be good to look up the meaning of the word, paradise= final destination.  Hmmmm, well maybe we are not ready for that?
But it sure is wonderful to be here and a day goes by as fast as a blink.
Yesterday while Erika and Ellinor had school in the morning, Andreas and I took the dinghy to some small islands and made "stilllifes" (stilleben) with things we found and took pictures of them. He loves to row, he want's to get as good as his syster. He rows and rows like crazy.
The afternoon I wrote on the book while the kids where playing and Ellinor was answering mails etc. It is amazing to sit under the bimini in turqouis water and write on a story.
By four we where invited to Sunrise for a delicious soup and a beer (or wine). Always fun to meet them!
Then we took the dinghy home in the pitch dark, we just saw a fire in the distance on an island and some anchor lights. There is no electricity on any of the islands. The Kunas live in huts and stay away from almost all modern technology, but, yes but there is one thing some have and that is a mobile phone! And they ask visiting yachts to charge them for them.
Now I have to give up writing, I'm having english with Erika.
The above I started writing about 2 days ago, and it seemes like the days go by just by existing in an environment that  is almost unreal.
So we have not mucg to write, actually, no philosophic thoughts or anything comes out of a brain lost here in San Blas.
We moved the boat yesterday to a shallow place with white sand at a depth of 3 meter.
It is called the swimming pool.... The only thing that bothers us right now is the current that runs at about 3 knots under us. Sounds like we are sailing.
Erika has just been picked up by a 9 year old boy from Shiva, an english boy, he is going to teach her to surf on the waves with a kayak (open type).
Well that's it...