All same onhim blong you

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Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 2 Apr 2015 22:04
"All same onhim blong you"
Bislamar for
Hello! How are you?
English does not work very well on the outer islands in Vanuatu.
They speak a very simple english /french called Bislama.

We have learned a few things from Jeff, a veterinarian here in Savusavu that has worked in Vanuatu for several years:
There is a "doctor" in every village, called "clevers", they will have their say and way of doing things, more connected to magic and natural forces than actual medicine.
An important source of food is Kasava (of course), and you will hear that it takes 9 months to grow new after the disaster. BUT there are seeds that will grow Kasava in 3 and 6 months.
Those seeds will help the islanders more than anything, the question is, where can we get them?
The vet also think that it is underestimated the need of salt.
He has seen a lot of problems with reheating of food (he has been on the islands on other occasions with disasters), especially if there is a shortage.
Reheating of meat has caused deaths among children and elderlies on a very high scale, according to him.
Try to tech them how to salt meat to preserve.
Anybody that reads our blog that has good experience on how to salt meat in a very simple way?

Some Bislamar, and as you can see that with very open ears you can get it...
earthquake · etkwek
east · is
Easter · Ista
easy · isi
eat · kakae
edge · en, kil
elbow · hinsis blong han
electricity · lektrik, paoa
embarrassed · sem
equal · semsemak
erupt · faerap
especially · speseli
even · semsemak
even if · iven sapos
evening · sava, naet
every · evri
everyone · evriwan
everywhere · long evri ples,
exceed · bitim
excellent · nambawan
exchange · jenjenisim, tanem
exist · stap
expand · solap, kam bigwan
expensive · sas
expert · kleva
explode · bosta, faerap
eye · ae
fabric · kaliko