Very calm 18.55S 154.44 W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 25 Aug 2013 08:45
Lovely weather, 1 meter swell, wind around 12 knots.
Very pleasant sail so far.
We have now started to go very south due to winddirection and plan for being slightly above 20S when the wind changes from ESE to NE.
We are 4 boats that we know off at least that are within a range of 100 miles. Good to have neighbourghs.
As usual we are on the radio net at 8 o clock and this morning Salsa was the operator on Southern Cross Net (8147).
As some boats move beyond the date line there has been some confusion on wich day is mine before and after the dateline. But we have figured that out. Im on Saturdays til we pass the dateline, then it will be sundays. If you care....
What you might want to know is what food was served on board today:
Breakfast, homemade yougurth (Ellinor has her culture and makes new every day) muessli, and 5-6 banans per plate.
Yes we have plenty of bananas now, since our stock is ripe.
As a between meals we serve.... bananas.
Lunch: Mahe Mahe Burger, served in a baguette, fresh tomato and cukehumber (how is THAT spelled?), special home made dressing, and as french fries we cut bread fruit so it has the right shape and fry in oil, delicious.
Afternoon coffee is served with...banana, if you are hungry... OK, you are not.
Dinner, a fish aladobe, made from ...Mahe Mahe, potatoes, carrot (the last one), canned tomatoes, white wine (nope, no drinking when sailing, just cooking). Served with left over baguette that has been fried in a pan wit some oil.
Tonight, as a nightmeal.... banana.
Tomorrow, most probably a risotto served with a nice fried piece of... Mahe Mahe
You chef on this trip is... me
Have a banana.