Sea trial

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 13 Jul 2014 05:27
Like shutting off a huge fan, suddenly the bad weather had passed us.
This morning we could hear the birds singing and there was peaceful fog over the whole place.
John (from Pacific Marine) came down  and we took Salsa out in the bay and tested the new Autopilot and the vibrations from the propeller shaft.
Autopilot great, propeller shaft no vibrations but John thought it was running hot in the fitting. So tomorrow they will fit a water cooler to it.
Ellinor went to the washing machines to get rid of a pile of dirty clothes and as we hanged all the stuff to dry on deck, the sun suddenly disappeared and a rain showered down everything that was dry. Thank you!
Looking at forecast next week it does not look like we can get away from NZ.
There is another deep low passing in the middle of the week.
We have to be patient.
Other than that we are ready to leave, for sure, all food is stowed away. The dinghy is fastened on aft deck. All equipment running...

Our world since we came here... It is hard to imagine the wind...

Then this morning, it all just calmed down...

John trying our new equipment

Coming back into Whitianga today, the current is extremely strong and the load/unload dock at the entrance of town

Resande on its way out with Verena and Craig for a seatrial with an interested buyer. Resande took Craig and his family to
New Zealand 27 years ago, and he never moved back to USA