Far from Trade wind sailing 24.31S 175.40W

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 3 Aug 2014 18:56
It is morning, local time 7:43 the 4th of August
The kids are up playing a game, Ellinor sleeping Im about to sit down
by the radio at 8 am to check in on Southern Cross Net.
Last night was another hard night of sailing, as it became dark, squalls turned up all around us.
You try to be smart and reef, well then the wind is about 10 knots and the big waves roll Salsa
around, so we have to take some control, roll out sails, and BOOM! The wind goed to 36 knots in a minute!
You reef down as quick as you can, the ocean spraying like crazy and pitch dark, and the wind dies again....
The picture of a long distance passage is that you set your sail, open your book and a can of corned beef, read and eat, look for some obstacles...
This journey has been everything but that. We are pretty tired now and look forward to drop the anchor.
We have not approached any really warm weather yet, even though the logg says the water temperature is 20 degrees under us.
We are still dressed in all faul weather gear by night, long pants and sweater by day.
In all things you have to do to keep a boat running an unusual one happened last night.
When the sea is 3 meter and you sail with it from your side, decks get hammered with water, we scoop tons of water and sometimes a cascade rolls all the way back to us.
We are dependent on the drainage system to quickly empty the boat, even on the decks it makes a big difference.
Of all things clogging we had flyfish putting their heads into our drainage holes and blocking, tails up fanning like crazy!