Patience patience

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 26 Sep 2012 07:26
We are really stuck in Figuera da Foz! Today there is hardly no wind and 3,6 m swell. We shall seee if we leave or not. Tomorrow the wind wil pick up and the swell (wich comes from a low at the level of England) go down a bit.
There is always the bad situation of being caught with no wind and lare swell. Then the boat is rocking with no stability in the sails and the engine has to painfully works its way through the water.
Yesteraday and this night it was raining almost all the time. Today we are waking up with sunshine again.
The children have been busy building Lego and that is of course great, except when you step on a small piece. Nowadays Lego is about 1000.000 small details that where not there before.
Ellinor and I are fixing stuff on board and that is the good news, the list gets smaller now. We even got our 80 meters of chain out to untangle the last 20 meters (who spins the chain in the chainlocker?) and marked every ten meter with red spray. The small red plastic markings gave up one by one as we have used the anchor quite a bit.
A day in harbour is about having breakfast then wash up, school with Erika and the other goes to the market with Andreas to buy fresh food. Make list for provisions and get that from a big supermarket. Take an hour to run before it gets to hot.
Prepare lunch, wash up. Siesta. Go somewhere with the children or fix something (when its hot its better to be in the bildge or engine room and fix). Prepare dinner, eat and wash up. Check weather, discuss with some neightbourghs. Fix something outside as it gets cooler. Some evening tea for the children. Make them ready for the night. Read something for them. Sing a song and get them to bed.
If we think we can leave next day there is alot of preparation to make Salsa "sea fit", if not, we go to bed, read or talk. That sound like a not so hard life, does it?