Strange life

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Wed 12 Jun 2013 02:39
Yesterday- cleaning the hull in a surge that knocked me all the time- I'm beaten up like a rugby player- really hate that job.And there is more to do...
As I come on board I hear the bilge pump working and working, open the machine room and a hose for hot water has blown so the pump is emptying a whole tank of fresh water in the machine room, like a fountain.
Well we are going to have Felice for dinner, so we just close down the pump and have to use the footpump in the galley for everything.
At night a very nice dinner with BBQ tuna and red bates- feta cheese - cous cous and cold white wine.
The kids watch Aristocats, leaves the adults talking in the cockpit.
Today - into the machine room and start repair work, and to be honest- today I really question this life. I feel like a slave working with the boat instead of enjoying this great island. We have been here several days and the furthest we have come is 300 meter ashore!
Ellinor is working like crazy sewing because she could borrow a real pro sewing machine from Felice and they will leave any day.
In front of me I have service of two engines and there is no end to maintance work. Is it really fun? What is happening with the book I want to write? I have not been able to write since March. At home I had more time to do other things. Ellinor has not painted since her birthday.
It is simply a joke- this "free life"- since we have to support ourselves and all the functions on board - they keep us busy doing so.
Felice was really kind and took the kids ashore today, Ellinor could sew and I should write, but the time I had for doing that I needed to read what I have written to get into the work again, and that is going to take time- for sure.
It might feel better tomorrow, but for now....It is just frustrating- I said it before and I will say it again:
Yachting is about fixing your boat in exotic places
By the way, there is a brand new boat in the bay, the woman on board seeked Ellinor for doctors advice, and her husband said that even though they have a brand new boat he is struggling with failing equipment and ordering parts all the time. Isn't that strange?