Monday meeting Fried Bananas and Tuna

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 16 Jun 2013 16:49
Saturday yesterday, and it was about time to have a "monday meeting". The last one was on Isabela over a month ago.
Everybody seemes to be happy with the preparations and the way we got here. It was a long sail indeed but all went well.
Compared to other boats we seemed to have made it in good speed.
The hard part for the adults was getting here and jump on work still being tired from the watches.
Everybody loves this place and the meeting was just as usual, with Andreas making comments about things that he thinks are important, like: How do we get more airplanes into the Ipad? (He is flying a simulator program when they have Ipad day)
The goal for the day was to climb the mountain up to the top and we actually made it. We measured it 350 meters (there are other tops that are probably higher but this one is duable just walking). 350 meter might not sound much but it is very steep and hot to walk up. People from other boats where surprised that our kids made it. And they did, Andreas surprised us by almost running to the top at the end. Erika was more normal and tired when we got up. We brought fruit and had a "lunch" on bananas, pampelmousse and oranges.
Walking down was easier but still tought on the legs. On board we just jumped in the water and enjoyed the swim a lot. Dinner was made with fried tuna, fried bananas (red food bananas, they where great) and a mix of coconut,red pepper, lime and salt. Lovely plate that looked so different from anything we have eaten before. The kids had some and it helped to bribe them. If they eat well they could make panncakes. And they did them by themselves, Erika who loves to experiment with food, put cacao in the mix and they had chockolade pankakes (did not look to good to be honest).
We are getting ready to move on now, but we have some more work to do. We will move to some other islands in Marquesas before taking off to Tuamotos.