Fights on board

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 29 Apr 2013 02:52
It is dark, the stars are magnificent and Erika shouts about seing stars falling.
She has come up to the cockpit after everybody has fallen asleep (but me).
Erika loves coming up and just sit and watch the stars.I asked her about whar to write on the blog tonight.
She said we really have nothing to tell. Except that Andreas and I are tired of each other.
Well I guess we have to live with that, they have had quite a few arguments today.
The situation on board is not really comfortable, we are beating the wind and the waves, Salsa is doing well but beating means
that she is leaning one way all the time, about 15 degrees, and when we climbs the waves there is a movement like going in a jeep
in a terrain full of soft bumps.The sailing is comfortable in the sense that close reaching is easy to trim and you do not have to worry with preventers etc.
Coming to Galapagos is closing another circle. 20 something years ago we did a documentary about a young norwegian woman that sailed around the world. We met her here in Galapagos and what I remember most was the dealing with impossible authorities.
We had all set up with embassy etc, so we thought, but once we got there with a film crew I had to start all over.
The rumor is that it is just as "interesting" to land on Galapagos today.
We take one second at the time and will see. will see.