South of Grenada

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 3 Feb 2013 23:42
Yesterday we left Port St Louis and went to Prickle bay. We are now at anchor taking sunday off.
I took a long ride in the kayak in very strong wind gusts (about 25 knots), then we have just worked on small things.
I spent at least 2 hours with the book.
Erika had a friend Maja from Elin on board.
Ellinor has worked with needle and thread.
And tonight we had a picknick on the beach with the family from S/Y Elin, Kalle, Emma, Emmas mother and father (they are visiting) and Love. As we sat there I know Emmas father is interested in kayaks, I offered him to borrow mine and he really would like to get out. We talk about his kayaks (yes kayaks) and I realize he built them himself. Then he talks about different techniques and I start to realize he really knows what he is talking about. Then I realize he is the guy behingd Tomasdesign, my guru when I started out paddling (and still is, I have read about everything he has written about kayak design). The guy is a ton of knowledge and experience!
Tomorrrow we will spend all day touring the island, will get back on that.