What's up? & Can you really love a boat?

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 7 Aug 2012 18:41
Tomorrow we will rent a car and go to Bath.
As soon as we get back it's time to fill the boat with food and make her sea ready.
Sailing to Madeira will probably take 8-9 days at sea. We will aim for the atlantic to get
away from the Biscay and then go south.
Today we bought fishing gear for sea trolling, the hooks and wire are horrible stuff!
But we hope that can give us fresh food on the way.

After writing about loving the boat that takes care of us I had some time at the "tiller", that is time for thought.

What we love is not the plastic and the wood.
What we probably love is the thought that has gotten into the design of everything.
When Hallberg Rassy designed this boat they did not start from scratch. A boat is an idea that has been around for centuries, evolving from experience and creativity.
Ideas that survive us are called memes, pieces of information that get's carried on like genes.
A boat is a cluster of memes and what we discover is that there is so much thought and experience behind everything on our boat.
There is a reason for almost everything. Even a detail like the floor that takes off in a 45 degree angel at the edges in our cabin.
Looked like something they had done for lack of space? No, when the boat leans about 15 degrees when sailing it s a wonderful place to put your foot to walk along.
So the love is created from all the evidence of brainwork and experience that people had before we lived. This is a fact also at home, we did not have to invent electricity again and again. A house is also a result of generations idea of what a house is. But it becomes more obvious in a new environment, that it is not our brains that are smarter than the ones living 10.000 years ago, it is the memes around us that evolve as we go.
With love to all women and men that did provide to our comfort today,
and we should ask ourselves what do we leave behind us?