19.34S 167.47W A house in the boat

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sun 22 Sep 2013 23:12
Yesterday the kids built their own house...
This means they took pillows and cushions, blankets and I do not know what...and piled it up in the aft cabin.
The house project was driven by Erika. When is was done it was so big and fragile we had to ask her to get tothbrushes etc from the bathroom,  simply because we could not get there.
The wave sitiuation was quite hard so is added to the chaos in the boat, not having cushions in the sofas, stuff everywhere...
You just have to bite and be happy that they keep themselves busy and happy. The energy looks endless.
Erika asked if she could sleep in her "house" and we approved. Wich meant that the one not on watch shared cabin with Andreas, Erikas bed is full of stuff she "needs" when she sleeps and by some reason they where not needed in the new "building".
So whoever slept in her bed has to share it with a big plastic horse that Erika got from Sofie at Windarra,thats a loving thing.
A small dog that fortunally is soft and has its own little special made bed in the bed. I could make the list longer.
This morning Erika had to admit that she abadoned her property and slept in Ellinors bunk.
So I asked the kids to put everything back to order. What a relief! Now it is afternoon and they have built a LEGO world ALL OVER THE SALOON, you cannot step anywhere without hurting yourselfe on a LEGO 4, or a 8...
But they keep themselves busy...
This morning they asked Ellinor if they could bake a chockolade cake, and I must say, she is a hero. Ellinor let the kids bake and sort of keeps tings tidy in the background.
Sun is shining we have just gybed to avoid the only reef between Rarotonga and Nuie. Can you believe that? An ocean of water, 580nM to go, 4 days of sailing and you end up having THAT reef in your way?
Its like hitting THAT tree in the middle of a mountain that has only one tree, and you go skiing downhill. Because downhill it is. When we go with 20-24 knots of wind, and 3 meter waves coming from behind it is like a rollercoaster going in one direction. You definetely dont want to turn around!
Oh yes I forgot to tell, now the house is gone, all the blankets and bed sheets back to normal- almost.
When I went to sleep after my "dogwatch" this morning I ended up getting clothing pegs everywhere, they use them to fasten blankets etc to create walls....