A day in steel

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Sat 1 Dec 2012 01:36
This morning the sky started out with - A red sky in the morning, sailors warning...
Then all day was just gray, gray like steel in different shapes. Dark grey, light grey and with white cream on the crest of the waves.
Just grey.
Then tonight there was a faint of - Red sky at night, sailors delight...
The wind has picked up really strong again, but we are fit for that now, with a reefed genua we are doing well 6-7 knots.
Those that watch the tracker can see that we finally leave Africa and are heading more west.
We have reached the 20th and are now going southwest hoping for the butter experience, so far no good. It is very cold.
Now it is just Andreas who feel a little sick sometimes. The kitchen started this morning with macaronis on demand from the children.
Since they have some hunger to catch up (that came out funny ) it is hard to say no.
But we are not getting culinaric yet, just foodmaking that's it. We are behind on the vegetables so we have sallads to use the perishables before we loose them.
As I write this the day has just become the 1st of December, very strange date to be here, our bodys programmed for the winter.
Maybe I have taken 4 pictures at the most so far, the whole experience is so grande, unbeliavable that it is hard to take any pictures of it.
The ocean is probably the last resort, the last wilderness on earth that can still be experienced as it was a million years ago.
If I look back on our wake I can see how short we are here, in 5 seconds the little track we have made in the water with our keel is gone. You cannot see that we have been there at all.
The massive water, the blue planet, is so obvious now, with its smell, sound and force.
Our little nutshell floating above it on the mercy of the wind.
Now I understand how manmade sounds are filling our head, when I'm about to fall asleep I think that there must be some traffic sound or a crowd of people out there, but it is my brain not understanding that it is the ocean that makes sounds now.
We could play music if we wanted, but nobody does, so far. I'm sure we might do that. It is like the children already longing for an ice cream.