Andreas birthday

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Tue 7 Apr 2015 19:23

Evening skype calls on Chez Nuis, Dona and Jonathan are a couple you will hear a lot about.
Jonathan has taken the group leader role which he does extremely well, he used to work as a rescue helicopter pilot
in his pro life.  Dona has taken the administrative roll in the fleet, Ellinor shares the medical responsibility with Shannon who is leaving Samoa today
on their 60 foot catamaran "Lile Explorer"

It looks like we are leaving tomorrow which is Andreas birthday. Lady Carolina made it here to Port Denarau (just to celebrate him and say good bye, they will head back to Canada sailing the wrong way over the Pacific) so they could celebrate him and we had a great party in the evening.
But it all started with an early morning song, gifts and breakfast. We had to be ready for meetings at 0800.
Nigel, the port captain wanted to meet us and make sure the medical list was going away to the pharmacist.
Ellinor took off with Dona, from Chez Nuis and a local woman with a big car that volunteered to drive them for shopping.
Shoppings sounds fun? Well 8 items--- the most important things they will need in the villages. In aid terms you talk about units, one unit being 25 families. One unit has the most important items missing for families in need. You then look at how many units you have in a village. We are loading the first batch
to meet that need in the worse off places in Tanna and Aniwa. Once we are out of supplies we have been promised to be able to load new from an Australian navy ship. 
While all that was going on I worked on Salsa, we had a rigg check made by a professional guy, Bruce from Westside rigging, the went through all and liked what they saw. No problems...
There is a lot of paper work to be done as well and the lists grow.
Anyway after all day working we had a great pasta with pesto and icecream for Andreas and we all sang as loud and out of tune as possible...