I am a fridge

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Mon 23 Mar 2015 04:48
The kids seem to understand the hardship of knowing other languages. Maybe it is a wishful thinking but it might be because they have travelled for soon 3 years.
One evening they were playing games at the bow and all we heard were some laughters. They seem to amuse themselves immensely.
Later when they came back to us they told us they had played princes coming to a castle asking for the princesses hand.
Since the stories usually do not bring up the matter of language they did their own stories.
The idea they told us was that in most stories these princes come from different countries and fair enough they cannot be good at the language they will propose.
That could lead to a lot of misunderstandings and consequently they would not get what they wanted...
Not only that, on their way to the castle they might ask somebody for advice and that person would take the opportunity to fool a foreign prince by saying that
"I love you" is said in the new language in the way it would interpret "I am a fridge" This of course is something they took from some story I told them where Swedish
nasty young people would tell a foreigner that "I love you" is said "Jag är ett kylskåp" (I am a fridge).

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