Days go by in Paradise

Salsa af Stavsnas
Ellinor Ristoff Staffan Ehde
Thu 24 Oct 2013 07:21
Tapana island, another day. We mounted the kayak and Anders is learning to paddle.
In the bay there is a small floating art gallery, called the Ark Gallery, very very charming.
It is a painting artist and her husband that came sailing here long ago and decided to stay.
Her paintings are very romantic and the frames are made of a barch from a local tre.
They lended us two sit-on-top kayaks that became toys for the kids.
They also found lots and lots of small animals that where very strange in the coral pools in the low tide.
The most amazing where hairy crabs, they look like crabs that have not shaved in 3 months.
Miss MY showed up and laid their anchor and their kids filled up the beach as well as two finnish boys from the catamaran "Living".
We also had the kids from "Dolphin" the 26 foot over 10 years old wooden boat that is sailing with two adults and two children ( they got the boat on wedding present from his parents).
We decided to invite Miss My on board on sundowners and sandwiches. They brought new baked bread and we had tunamix etc etc...
Very nice evening. We asked Anders if it was to much sailing talk but he insisted he liked it...
The kids seem to get along and Alexandra seems to like the whole bunch.
Today we stayed all day but took off by 3.30 pm to go towards the town for checking out tomorrow.
We took the opportuninty to visit some caves that were just amazing. The biggest one we could dinghy in and drive around in there like being in a big church.
There where bats (most probably flying fox) and swallows. When you entered the water there was a lot of fish.
One had to stay on the boat at all times as you cannot anchor, far to deep outside (50-60 meters), so Anders and I took turns at the wheel.
Tonight the kids made colored pancakes in three different colors and now everybody is sleepng in a very silent boat.